Friday, June 18, 2010


It feels nice to be surrounded by people who always like me or at least seem to do so. People who say nice things, think i am sweet and charming, who promise to be there for me if i shall ever need them, albeit, in the future. But the danger is that, i get used to all this "niceness". Even while knowing that it probably is not all real. So much so that, when a person that really cares stops me on the way and hands out a few home truths, my ability to listen and understand seems to have disappeared. Apparently too much of the good stuff makes me "highly sensitive"! Criticism becomes difficult to handle if one has gotten too used to praise and flattery. Even when the chiding and the good advice come from sane, sensible people that I know really care for me. Only because they never show it in the over-the-top way that seems to be the fashion today.

I might know what is good for me, the problem is, what is good is not always comfortable and happy-go-lucky. It pricks and hurts and exposes my flaws. Makes me not like myself for a while. And not liking myself, not being happy with the person i am is terrible. It keeps haunting me... have i really turned into a so-and-so kind of person? On the other hand, questioning myself helps. Keeps me grounded. Tries to not let me get a balloon head or become terribly hoity-toity! Most of the times :)

Do you also believe that it is way more important that you be able to like yourself, really know that you are worthy of something or someone... more important than all the lovely things the entire damned world might think or say about you?


Suneel Madhekar said...

I too believe that it is way more important to "justify" oneself in one's own conscience, than to be perceived as politically correct... Though this is not always as easy as it sounds, it certainly is important...

heliophile said...

response to the last paragraph -
yes i believe !


aadi said...

Yeah, I guess one needs to be aware f ones short comings and skills. I can never get myself to belive when people praise me too much, i know i aint that good. I cant take too much criticism either, I know i dont suck that much :)

I belive I can touch the sky, but I know i cant get off the ground.
All I can do is try, if it works I get a few moments off the ground. :)

Vikram said...

I agree to what you have written down.Comming out of "comfort zones" can make us better, more humble people!

ark said...

being cared feels so gud that u never want to come out of that world but it makes u unconscious so much so that u mite fail to know who u r actually..
its always gud to come out of our sweet world atleast once in while.

ur new theme looks colorful but cluttering on my browser!

gud day.