Sunday, January 30, 2011


This has been a surprisingly lonely evening. I have never been a lonely soul. I flourish in solitude, can keep myself company even amidst seething crowds. Spending time with myself comes easily to me, reading, writing, dabbling with paints or watching a movie, listening to long-loved tunes or just staring into space. Solitariness still does not bother me, but unexpected pangs of loneliness come a-visiting sometimes now. They are rare, but intense when they arrive.
Moments when I feel the urge to grab the phone and demand conversation. Or feel like taking myself off to crowded markets. Maybe a sea of unknown faces might help restore perspective. They make me long for a smile, a whisper, a whiff, or just a glimpse. They make me long for the familiar and the known and beloved. It is not a question of just missing the presence of friends or family. It is the atmosphere I miss, one of laughter and conversation and silent companionship.
But before I venture out to find a cure for this blasted loneliness, it is gone, as swiftly as it descended. And I am happy again, at peace, contented. There! Am fine again, myself again :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Strings of Words

Today I am in the mood for strings of words. They are not random. They tell me a story filled with the richest of colours and the sweetest of music. It is up to you to let your imagination take over and create your own story. I know mine and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. You shall enjoy yours too if you live every moment of your imagination, draw on all your creative resources and give it a personal touch from memory. Words are magical; depending on how you string them together they can tell you completely different stories of different people and places. Hope you like yours :)

Long journeys, great expectations, vibrant colours, lyrical laughter, gently wiped tears, whirling emotions, wafting musical notes, a soft fragrant breeze, clasped hands, fire and smoke, stolen glances, whispered conversations, suppressed smiles, glistening eyes, friendly crowds, doting families, mothers and fathers, hordes of dear friends, wise old men, solemn vows, a smile and a nod, twirling flowers, of old and new, beginnings and ends, beloved traditions, open minds, silken fabrics, golden threads, unbroken faith, a meeting of hearts, a parting of sorts, new memories, treasured moments, all of life lived within one breath!