Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fevered Musings

Picture Credits: Aditya Lele

I was feverish all through last night and it was an enlightening experience. Did you know that your mind can be astoundingly creative when you are not completely in control of it? I had vivid dreams. I wove stories in my mind. Each one spilling into the other. Never ending. Surreal. Nightmarish. The characters were strong and well defined. They went places, they did things, and they lived larger-than-life lives. I kept telling myself to note each detail. Something about the exact words to perfectly catch an expression or the heartbreakingly beautiful way with words I seemed to have discovered. I wrote it all down. My masterpiece. On paper. In black and white. Or so I thought.
Alas, the fever broke with the dawn and with it were gone my stories. My poor little stories. Washed away. Just like that.


Manasi said...

The best part is that they seem so real when you are in it....Don't make much sense when you get up but still can't help feeling amused.
Didn't know fever could cause more lively dreams though :) Hope you are better noew

Anonymous said...

good one. How beautiful the fleeting thoughts/ideas/feelings are!

Manasi said...

Nice Picture as well :)

Aniruddha Lele said...

hmmpf....happens to me all the time..