Thursday, August 04, 2011

Another of R's pomes :P

(An old poem by my lil sister. Found the original handwritten one and laughed over it so much today. Here's to memories of childhood fights and her ability to still see the humour!)

'Tis a night like every other,
'Tis time for my nightly fight,
I must fight for my rights wi' my sister,
She just refuses to put out the lights!

I shout, I argue, I coax
But all of it is in vain.
She just yells right back at me
And tells me I'm a royal pain.

That's it. It's over. Stop it.
I've taken about all I can bear
Now its time for us to call the referee.
And decide exactly who stands where.

Our mother marches in and glares at us,
And berates us for making a din.
We both start pestering my sister
And she eventually caves in.

But she refuses to go down gracefully.
She still will put up a fight.
She bangs about as long as she can
And then reluctantly puts out the light.

And then when the night is almost over,
And when the joy of the fight starts to pall,
She comes and sleeps right next to me.
I mean, we're sisters after all.

--- Rhuta Deobagkar


Onkar Bhardwaj said...

Poem on a carefully folded paper, now worn
About the fights when they were 'tis tall
She finds one fine day and puts it on blog
I mean, they're sisters after all.

Anish Sane said...

Sorry, Mukta :-)

vinay said...

I remember having read this on that old paper! Such a lovely poem...wah! :)

Aniruddha Lele said...

veeery noice..when was this written..??
both sis's are genius's..

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! A delightful pome!!