Monday, July 06, 2009

Auf Wiedersehen! Adieu! Goodbye! Wir fahren heute fort...

It is the season for partings. In a  sense, every day is a day for endings and beginnings... but some days it seems like there are just too many endings and not enough new beginnings and so, many a loose end remains just that... a loose end. As if there was a lot more to be said, a lot more to be done together, a lot more to be lived and laughed and cried about in each other's company... and yet move on we must! Am I rambling? Perhaps. It is just that lately I have had to say too many goodbyes for me to look at everything objectively. It is not even like all the people I bid adieu to are going away forever. Some are just shifting base... but they shall cease to be part of my daily life... and to paraphrase Henry Higgins " ... I have grown accustomed to their faces ..." In life, one must learn to let go. Apparently that is a virtue. But I donot care. I want to be selfish and not let go ever. Just hold on tight and keep all those I love close to me. And then I wonder, is all this just one-way traffic? Coz the others seem to find it so much easier to go on ahead... meet new people, make new friends and yet I seem to be forever stuck in some time capsule... reliving all the old days and forgetting to step ahead into the present and live it to the fullest. Perhaps I am just wallowing in all the melodrama or perhaps, just perhaps, everybody else is actually pretending. Pretending to be strong, unemotional, grown up and stoic. Underneath all these masks are people who hurt at the partings, people who would like to stay forever, people who shall love each other, no matter what! I hope it is so. And so I shall believe it to be so!


vishal said...

Tum apni nayi duniya mein
Ho jao paraaye ban kar
Tum apni nayi duniya mein
Ho jao paraaye ban kar
Jee paaye to hum jee lenge
Marne ki saza paane ko

Jeevan ke safar mein rahi
Milte hain bhichar jaane ko
Aur de jaate hain yaadein
Tanhaayi mein tadpaane ko :)

Humbling Frodos said...

Nicely written M!