Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello Hi Goodbye!

So many people. 
So little time. 
So much to say. 
Silence divine.

Old friends, old expectations...
Changed people, broken promises.
Some laughter, a little sorrow.
Everything shall be gone, by tomorrow.

Why is it so difficult
to say I miss you?
Why is it easier
to pretend you love the new?

Goodbyes were already said.
So why did you return?
To haunt me and taunt me.
To laugh as my heart burns.

Partings were never easy
But they get harder every time.
And yet meeting once more seems far better
than to part for ever and ever this time.

Forgive the bad rhyme, but prose just sounded way more stilted and trite than this. There have been so many goodbyes, so many "catch-you-laters" in the last year or so that one might think that it shall get easier the next time. But it just gets worse. And I know that there shall be many more in the years to come. Still, a thousand goodbyes are way better than to never meet all these people again. Love you guys!


onkar said...

This is a "charoli" (four-liner) I've seen on a T-shirt :

Jaanarya vaatela
Paraticha shaap aahe
Kaal anant aahe
Hi keval thaap aahe

A bad english translation :

It has to come back one day
The way which says good-bye
That the time is infinite
Is a pure and white lie

Arun said...

should I take it that this post was inspired by the recent convocation?

M said...

onkar, khupach sundar oli ahet ya. ani tujha translation hi :)

arun, hmm... you could take it as such if you like :)

Rhuta said...

I like. You should write poems more. :)

pushkaraj said...

I agree with Rhuta..

Anish Sane said...

I also agree with rhuta

@Arun: Mukta's convocation is yet to come. :)

Joshi said...

good one !

Bhargavi said...

khup chan... each time v part, it seems as if the world around us has jus disappeared but yet its soo perplexing how v move on in life and rmbr all the goodbyes only aftr v read a blog like this or in times of complete solitude..

M said...

hey bhargavi, thanks! its always nice to have someone new read a post and find something familiar, something similar in it :)