Sunday, February 28, 2010

The very first photo I have ever uploaded to my blog. A collage of campus places and the seaside trip with the family. This was just an experiment. Eventually hope to put up a travelogue-type post. Hopefully. Pictures of places look good, but I think a picture becomes a little more interesting if there are people in it. Sort of enhances the character of the photo, lends it a story and time. Perhaps coz people age and though places do too, they do so rather slowly... the passage of time can be observed better if one knows the people in the picture. 


Joshi said...

just couldn't stop without saying anything!
am amazed how come Pushkaraj and Vishal hasn't said anything? what r u guys doing?
who is missing Mukta? and who's presence is going to be a lot to u :)
am sure u have good memories from your family trip :)

Beashtu said...

Nice pics. Pictures with people are definitely more fun to watch. I really liked all the photos in the left most column. All of these were taken inside the campus?