Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blah days!

Some days seem just lonely and sad. Like not much matters really. Even the passing of time seems dull, slow. Beloved haunts appear old and deserted. As if entire buildings and structures might crumble down at the slightest whisper of a breeze. Everything seems perishable, delicate, derelict. Dust seems to hang, stagnant, suspended in the air. The sunlight looks dirty, dusty. Even trees seem to have been drained of freshness and life, with wilting leaves that could do with a wash. The birdsong sounds tired. A smile takes effort, laughter seems a dream. Is this ennui? Do places and times influence your mood or do places and times reflect your mood? I have never been able to decide for certain. Perhaps this is just a sign, telling me to move on. To find newer challenges. If I get too comfortable in one place, I will stagnate and get bored and boring. How utterly dreadful!


Aditya Lele said...

Come on then. What are you waiting for? Lets have some adventures together....

Prajakta said...

Plan B, if aditya's plan does not work out: Let's meet!! :P

What is ennui btw?

Prajakta said...

now the real comment for the post -
on the lines WAH!WAH! I would say Blah!Blah! :D cheer up lady! let the gloom be lifted. Learn from my example. I am in office and yet so cheery!! :D

Yogeshwar said...

I have been following your writing,since long. Never commented. But after reading this sublime piece, I couldn't resist myself.

You are mini-female-Kahlil Gibran of 21st century. Well I don't know, if, comparison with someone else, would sound like a compliment, to someone as original as you, but mere mortal like me can perceive things only through comparisons ;-) and this is the best I could come up with.

Thank you for all the joy.

Aditya Lele said...

@ Yogeshwar: Hey! thats my wife you are talking about! ;)

Mukta said...

@prajakta: We can meet up anyway :)
the post was inspired by the fact that even the pretty walkways and buildings on our campus seem so sad lately. am happy otherwise, mostly.

@yogeshwar: thanks very much indeed! it is lovely to have someone read, like and take a moment to let me know so :)

@aditya: don't scare away my handful of readers. huh! :P

Vishal said...

Like @ the comments :P
btw...comments are put at 5.41,5.43,5.47,6.01,6.04,6.07. niwwal 20 min madhe evadhya comments !! sahiye M :)

Yogeshwar said...

@Aditya, lol. I am having a faint idea of what you are suggesting :P.

Blame it on English. Its a context sensitive language and allows reader to decide context.ahem.:P

But I trust the judgement of readers, at least readers of this blog that they won't interpret my comment in the wrong context. ;-) :D

@ Mukta,
My pleasure :). Noo. sorry, I should write "my honour" (context ahem :D)

Manasi said...

@Mukta: Hey...Wish for the unseasonal Bglr rain. Will work wonders even on the metaphorical gloom.

@Aditya: Do ask Mukta her definition of "Adventure". You might end up getting amused.

@Prajakta: " office and yet so cheery." :D

vinay said...

Beautifully written! :)
Is it really so sad outside? Now..I must get out of my lab to see what you mean :p

Suneel Madhekar said...

Is the day outside sad? Or is it just me who is sad? I think it's just me who is sad. The day outside, the whole universe out there, is neither happy nor sad, it is just indifferent. The feeling of happiness or sadness is a result of one's consciousness, I think. If one isn't conscious, one is neither happy nor sad. So, I think the outer universe both influences and reflects our mood, simultaneously. The influence and the reflection are not simple processes, however, as they are connected through a tangled web of cognitive processes.