Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ruts' Poetry :) :) :)
My sister writes poems and has kindly (:D) allowed me to put them up on the blog here goes...

I’m standing on plain ground out here
I’m just an insignificant girl.
Yet every time I stand like this
I feel on top of the world.

It doesn’t look like I am moving
I seem rooted to the spot.
But I feel like I’m in free fall.
It’s an illusion, just a thought.

And when the wind blows through my hair
I feel free without a care
It’s like the world’s in sync with me
I’m free falling through the air.

Maybe coz I’m just one person
There’s no real difference I can make
But when I’m free falling, I’m flying
I leave a trail of happiness in my wake.


The darkening clouds hang overhead,
All my prospects seem so bleak
Water pours incessantly
Heaven's pipes have begun to leak!

At times it seems, it's not a leak
It's like there ARE no pipes at all...
For there is no steady drip drip drip,
It's a downright waterfall!

I know they TRY to repair it
For it stops from time to time.
But their efforts are miserable; puny at best,
Their plumbers not worth a dime!

It's at times like these that I feel so sure
Heaven can't be all that great...
I mean no place with such horrible plumbing
Is going to find me knocking on its gate.


When I lie on my bed each night
Sometimes I suddenly think of you
Then I smile to myself and wonder
If you're thinking of me too.

I sit up and hug my knees
And think of how very nice it would be
If precisely at that moment
Your thoughts would drift to me.

I walk over to the window
And drink in the beauty of the night
I feel certain that I'm in your mind
Because everything seems so right.

There's something precious in that instant,
Something bewitching about the stars
It's a special magical moment
Because it's a moment that's just ours.

Rhuta Deobagkar


Suneel Madhekar said...

That's an amazing spectrum of thoughts molded as beautiful rhyming poems!

PURN!MA said...

I looooooved the last one. does rhuta have her own personal poetic blog? Seriously wud love to read more fm her.

Amal Bose said...

loved it... especially the last one.
wonder why its untitled.
and i agree with purnima, she should have a blog..wont be hard to get many fans.

maneesh said...

hehe! nice stuff... i particularly like the second one, the bad plumbing one!

Arun said...

aah !! Now I know where your writing talent comes from, Mukta... :P

btw amazing, all three of them.

vinay said...

class !! Such a graceful, lovely blend of words and thoughts! Innocent and yet profound thoughts wrapped in elegant, simple words! :) Simply loved them :)

pushkaraj said...

byeesstt ahet..

Humbling Frodos said...

Hey M !
Great poems!!