Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Some rhymes...
and someone kind enough to let me post em here :) thank you!

I feel happy, yet I feel sad,
I feel good, yet I feel bad.
Oh! forget the rhymes! Life's so wonderful,
I think I am going mad!
--- Aditya

The cool wind in my face,
blue skies with clouds scarce,
Ah what a lovely sight! Please protect this planet,
for our children's sake!
--- Aditya

I hope to keep adding more and more of em here!


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Basanta said...

Nice pieces!

phatichar said...

Nice, nice.. :-)

Mukta said...

@ basanta: thanks!
reading your blogs was fun too.

@phatichar: thank u! awesome humour in ur blog posts! especially the story-telling parts.

@bloggertown: thanks for the invite :)