Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To just stop and see...

Ditch the fuel-guzzling bike. Riding the cycle (my very own, pink, dust coated and with brakes that fail just when i am speeding around the corner!) makes everything around me move just that lil bit slower and leaves me enough time to notice...
  • the intoxicating smell of freshly cut grass.
  • huge butterflies chasing smaller ones, just like that.
  • untidy flower borders, bursting with flowers that have flourished simply coz they have not been pampered.
  • fireflies playing hide and seek with you.
  • horrendous bumps in the road.
  • school kids dancing along after school hours.
  • girls with well-oiled hair and gajras.
  • the old wrinkled men who cut the grass and smile at me as i cycle past staring at em.
  • the entire gang of ladies who clean the campus and hostels and everything else in between.
  • guys chatting up girls and vice versa.
  • others pretending to ignore a significant someone.
  • lost souls, young souls, old ones too.
  • crowded crow hot-spots (rather white-spots).
  • delicious sambar smells, whiffs of the tandoor and the aroma of coffee at the eateries.
Bless this campus for its green cover, huge roads and cycle-only paths :)


Sudi said...

Well, you have listed most of them.. But one important thing you have missed is the group of fitness consciuos people walking or jogging irrespective of whether it is early morning or late evening and also, all the stray dogs that come in the way when you are peacefully cycling enjoying the beauty of the campus !!!!

Prajakta said...
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Suneel Madhekar said...

Haha! True... Walking without a cycle is even better... That's why I stopped using my cycle during my last six months on campus...

Mukta said...

hey sudarshan, hehe, the dogs i do not mind and the fitness freaks i can not but notice. guilty conscience u know :D

oye prajakta, delete ka bara kelis lagech comment? shya!

suneel, walking on our campus does offer a lot more time and leisure to look at everything around us :) and however many years i spend here, i shall always love this place!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

tis a nice post this. leisurly.

Manasi said...

I just feel teleported to IISc

Bastet said...

nice post!! love the grass and the coffee.... also, look up to see the clouds once in a while - tho, not while cycling!!